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Our Roots - To Serve the Suffering Poor
Founding Spirit - Patient-Centered Medical Care




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University purpose/mission

 The mission of our University, based on the founding spirit of ‘Treat the patient, not the disease’, is to contribute to the health and welfare of humankind through the education of doctors and nurses, the promotion of medical and nursing research, and the practice of medical care.


 The formal Japanese name of The Jikei University School of Medicine is Gakko Hojin Jikei Daigaku Tokyo Jikeikai Ika Daigaku. Although the university was called Zaidan Hojin Tokyo Jikeikai Ika Daigaku until the end of the Second World War, it was incorporated in its present form in 1951. The university administers the faculty of medicine, the graduate school for medical research, the three training schools for nurses, and the four attached hospitals. The faculty of medicine has two schools: the school of medicine and the school of nursing. All our institutions are engaged in education, research, and clinical service.
 As of May 2020, The Jikei University employed 1,835 members on its teaching and research staff.

  School of Medicine School of Nursing
Kokuryo Nishi-Shimbashi
Emeritus Professors   32 1
Professors 10 164 14
Guest Professors 1 164 2
Associate Professors 2 102 4
Lecturers 2 152 13
Assistants   1,165 7

 In addition are 4,993 other personnel, including nurses, clerks, and technicians.
 The Jikei University has 1,798 students, including 670 in the school of medicine, 239 in the school of nursing, 160 in the medical graduate school, and 703 in the training schools for nurses.

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